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Purity and quality is our guiding star

Our vision is clear in Raw Organics: We want to offer the premium and purest CBD Oil to consumers worldwide. This clear vision has made us one of Europe’s leading providers of cannabis oil. We strictly control the entire process from seed plantation to product delivery. Our meticulous processes guarantee products where neither quality nor production is compromised, which enables us to offer the best product possible.


Story behind Raw Organics

Raw Organics was founded by Jesper Thomassen in 2017 with a vision to be able to give freedom to individually choose how to heal.

CBD can help a lot of people. I think it should be a human right to be able to decide for yourself how you want to heal or be better. The freedom to choose how to achieve personal wellness will always be a driving force for me to continue on what I do- promote self-healing.

Bearing that vision in mind, Jesper set about creating a natural product that is today one of the best cannabis oils on the market. Raw Organics has succeeded because the company aims for the best in all its ways. All products are continuously tested to ensure the quality, cannabinoid content, and assure that all products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other impurities.

Why choose CBD Oil from Raw Organics?

We supply a premium oil with the best quality that is hard to find elsewhere. The Raw Organics team oversees every process the product goes through up to the delivery of the packages. We ensure that everything goes according to our high standards.

The high demands and product quality, therefore, does not make us the cheapest provider of CBD oil on the market. In return, our best effort to provide premium products makes us the best.

Organic Hemp

We at Raw Organics are recognized for the high standards of our finished products. The usage of only high-quality hemp materials derived from varieties of EU approved seeds is crucial to achieving our premium products.

Raw Extract

Our full-spectrum extract contains all the benefits of the hemp plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes. The raw extract is ready for the usage of consumers as it is but at Raw Organics, we process it further to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

Extract without wax

This is our full spectrum extract minus the wax. This process leaves a tastier, visually pleasing, and concentrated extract. The Raw Organics extract without wax is also much easier to work with when creating product formulations and dilutions for correct dosages.

Distilled Extract

Our distilled extract is the best in the market! A CBD Oil in its finest form, a full-spectrum and EU-THC law complaint without chlorophyll and free from both light and heavy waxes and other impurities. It is extremely easy to work with and safe. We sell it in different strengths.

CBD Kapsler

How are CBD Capsules made?

Organic hemp is the foundation of a high-quality pure product. Capsules from Raw Organics are produced in the United States by one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical cannabis, Folium Bioscience. The oil is extracted from organic hemp, which is chromographed during the extraction process.

This extraction process removes all THC from the oil and enables us to offer a product that is 100% THC-free. The oil is also nano-emulsified, which ensures that it is better absorbed into the body.

The oil is filled into capsules in the United States at GMP-certified facilities, after which they are sent to the Netherlands to be packed into glass containers before finally meeting our other products at the warehouse in Germany.

We take responsibility in Raw Organics

Raw Organics believes aspires for the preservation of nature from where we source our products. In 2019, we supported a rainforest restoration project in South America, just as we continue to want to support projects for the benefit of nature.

Sustainability and quality are high on our list when we produce our oil. It is also a core value for us to take responsibility and show consideration for nature throughout our production. Our oil, therefore, is based exclusively on European plant extract extracted using a CO2-neutral production method which is environment friendly and we limit our usage of plastic from manufacturing to delivery of our products.

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